Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Green Bay Wedding: Jimi and Stacie

The sun rose lazily in the August morning sky, rays beating down on the corn fields near Green Bay. Stacie excitedly prepared for her wedding day in the basement of St. Joseph's church. Jimi and his boys laughed loudly on the other side of the basement as they straightened their ties and buttoned their suit coats. Upstairs, Stacie's family pinned corsages on Jimi's relatives, a blending of cultures. Both families are incredibly respectful and welcoming of each other, Jimi's grandmother in her traditional Hmong dress, bowing to Stacie's aunt on the steps of the church. A happy buzz filled the building in anticipation of Stacie and Jimi's wedding.

The tall ceilings of St. Joseph's church echoed with joy as Stacie and Jimi were announced husband and wife. Their receiving line was filled with well-wishers from miles away. The bridal party headed to Lilly Lake park for portraits, and the newly weds were able to steal a few quiet moments to themselves. 

The reception at Eddie Whipp's Dining Hall was full of Brewers and frisbee golf paraphernalia, a tribute to the couple's favorite past times. The hall was filled with well-wishers from both families; laughter bounced around the rooms and between guests. Stacie and Jimi stole glances at each other, both glowing with happiness. The silent moments I witnessed between them said more than any words could have. They love each other deeply in a matter-of-fact way, as if their hearts are saying "Of course I'm yours, weren't you expecting me?" It's something special to watch the way they resonate to each other, even across the room.

Stacie and Jimi, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding journey. May your days be filled with frisbee golf, Brewer games, and the best of life's adventures.

Much love and appreciation,

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  1. Aww! God bless this cute couple! It’s such a wonderful blog, even the cake is so different. Hats off to the one who made it. I am also getting married next month and my friends have planned a bridal shower for me in an event venue nearby. I am very excited for the day.