Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Nine years ago, their story began. In two days, they will be adding another chapter: marriage.

Krystina knew Dustin was "the one" during her freshman year of college. Dustin was coming home from leave, and she remembers how excited she was to see him, a different excitement than she had felt before. Fast forward to this January when Dustin and Krystina went away for a weekend skiing in Houghton, Michigan. Krystina couldn't understand why Dustin was kneeling in a snowbank on the deck of the restaurant where they had just shared a romantic dinner together. Dustin asked Krystina to be his forever, and she happily said yes.

Their wedding on Friday will be held at a beautiful venue in Kewaunee, WI, located on Lake Michigan. The time and care these two have painstakingly put into their wedding planning sounds simply beautiful, and I can't wait to capture it. We were able to spend an afternoon together at their home with their fur babies, followed by a leisurely hike around Fonferek's Glen.

As a fellow animal lover, it was so sweet how they incorporated their pets into their photos.

Dustin can make Krystina laugh at a moment's notice, the kind of laugh that makes others smile, too.


They chatted about Dustin's frisbee golf adventures earlier in the day, and Krystina informed us about the geological properties of the glen (Krystina went to school for hydrogeology).

This Friday will be filled with love, laughter, and the start of their happily ever after. An early congratulations to Krystina and Dustin. Get ready for the best day ever!

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